Parking prices at the airport in the EU comparison

by Lea / June 20, 2018


Comparison of parking prices at airports

Vienna Airport is one of the most expensive in Austria and the EU when it comes to parking prices. The Parktiger team has looked at the prices of Austrian airports in comparison and noted drastic price differences.

The prices for parkting at the airport in Austria

In each case the cheapest variants of all Austrian airports were cited – the surprising results of the evaluation can be seen in the following table:

Comparison for parking prices at Austrian airports



As can be seen in the table, passengers at Vienna Airport are almost always the most expensive – only from the 12th day on the park does Innsbruck Airport overtake Vienna Airport. One more reason to park at the parking lot of the airport for only 4,99 € per day ☺



Parking prices at the airpot in European comparision

For a better comparison, we also examined a handful of other European airports: Bratislava, Prague, Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg. Even here Vienna Airport is often the most expensive!

Parkpreise am Flughafen im EU-Vergleich


The comparison shown here was made by means of online research and does not include any seasonal offers.
Parkiger is not liable for the completeness / accuracy.

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