Day One Diary + Notes – The Practical Travel Diary

by Lea / October 02, 2019

Day One

Traveling with the practical travel diary

Indispensable on the trips. The travel diary, of course digital!

Traveling is child’s play with Day One Diary + Notes. Designed with a clear user interface and easy-to-use features, it provides a distraction-free writing experience to deepen your travel memories. Add your favorite photos and record every detail, from time, date, temperature and weather, to movement, step count and music playback, and then select your best entries to share via your blog, social media or email. This app will even send you a little reminder if you have not written for a while. Capture your unique travel moments immediately!

Available on iTunes and Google Play

Über mich

Der Parktiger liebt es günstig zu reisen und betreibt zudem den günstigsten Parkplatz am Flughafen Wien. Seine Reiseschnäppchen teilt er auf diesem Blog mit Euch.

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