Your claim for compensation in the event of flight delay

by Lea / October 02, 2019

Your flight’s late or canceled? You have a legal right to compensation and can easily claim it! With just a few clicks, you can submit your claim for compensation for flight delays! Parktiger tells you how to do this:

Your flight is heavily delayed or has been cancelled? This is annoying, but what most travelers don’t know: Airlines have to pay compensation in most cases. Even if a replacement has been arranged. However, most airlines do not pay compensation voluntarily. Many travellers do not even know about the compensation scheme for flight delays.

If you want to avoid having to deal with the airline yourself, you can hire service providers such as Airhelp, Fairplane or Flightright. These passenger portals take care of the legally correct submission and processing with the airlines and retain a commission in return.

Passenger compensation

If you arrive more than three hours late at your destination, you may be entitled to up to 600 euros, depending on the length of your flight. For short-haul flights within Europe, for example, it is usually 250 euros. This also applies in the event of a flight cancellation. Unfortunately, airlines often do not pay compensation voluntarily for flight delays. The services mentioned above handle the cases conveniently for the customers and only charge a commission in the event of a positive payment (the commission amount is then retained directly).

The submission of cases is very simple. Customers only have to enter their flight data in an online mask – the customer is then usually shown in real time whether the chances of success are good and what compensation amount can be achieved for the customer in the end. After the submission you only have to wait until the service has prevailed against the airline. Depending on the provider, the customer has to pay between 25 and 30 percent of the compensation. If the claim against the airline is unsuccessful, the passenger does not incur any costs.

For the impatient: immediate compensation for flight delays

If a passenger has called in a passenger assistant, it often takes months, sometimes even a year (depending on the airline), for the service to assert its claim against the airline and the person to be indemnified to have the indemnity payment on their account. In order to save customers this relatively long waiting time, some passenger assistants have now reacted and created a new offer: immediate compensation. The service provider buys the passenger’s claim for compensation from the airline. The customer immediately receives money and can immediately check the matter off in his mind. Disadvantage: Depending on the provider, between 35 and 45 percent of the compensation sum is deducted from the customer’s claim, not the usual 25 to 30 percent.

… if you accept a higher commission

Example: A customer enters the details of his delayed flight on the Flightright website. Flightright checks his claim and comes to the conclusion that he is entitled to 600 euros. Two offers appear on his screen. He can now choose between the (conventional) collection variant and the new immediate compensation.

Debt collection: With this option, the customer has to wait months until Flightright has completed the debt collection work and asserted its claim against the airline. If the airline has paid the 600 euros, the passenger receives 414.36 euros. 185.64 euros (around 31 percent of the 600 euro claim) is retained by the passenger assistant as commission for his work.
Immediate compensation: Under the slogan Flightright Now, the portal promises to pay immediate compensation of 350.10 euros. Flightright buys the customer’s claim and retains 41.65 percent of the 600 euros to which the passenger is entitled – that is 249.90 euros.
Who offers immediate compensation?

The passenger cannot always choose whether to take the debt collection option or the immediate compensation option. Flightright only offers this option to selected customers for whom the service can be assured that the airline will have to pay. Flightright, Fairplane and We buy your flight offer both collection and immediate compensation. At Euflight only an immediate payment is possible.

Make claims directly with airlines

Some airlines, such as Eurowings, offer the possibility of submitting such cases directly on their homepage. This is intended to combat the growth of passenger portals. A test showed, however, that the cases submitted unfortunately remained unprocessed and that it is even more necessary to resort to passenger portals in order to fight through the claims. In theory, this is also a good idea for air travellers to save the commissions of passenger portals – but in our test, as already mentioned, without success.

Conclusion: Better to wait and “deliver” the minimum of commission

If a passenger portal offers a passenger to purchase his or her passenger rights in exchange for an immediate payment, it is highly probable that the airline will have to pay compensation to the passenger in the event of a flight delay. If you are patient, it is better to entrust the collection procedure to the portals in the traditional way – then air travelers will have to wait longer for their money, but will have fewer deductions.

You couldn’t take a flight? Here you can get a part of the ticket price back.

If you haven’t started your flight, the entire ticket price isn’t lost – you can always recover the taxes and fees. In addition there are own portals like where you can assert your claims with a few clicks. Also here a part of the commission is retained by the portals but the customer does not have to worry about anything after the submission.

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