Google Apps for the ultimate travel experience

by Lea / September 14, 2017

Today, travelers from around the world rely on their smartphones and other smart devices to help them plan and travel. Moreover, these apps are not only a great source of inspiration with the apps, they also provide you with a simple platform for booking flights (parking at the parking lot) hotels, restaurants and much more.To help you, we’ve listed some Google apps to help you get the ultimate travel experience. Some ways to help you plan and organize your next big adventure to fully enjoy your trip.


Traveling to a new city or country is very exciting, but it can also be a lot of stress if you lose your orientation. But with the help of Google Maps you can easily keep track. With the help of Google Apps you can easily and conveniently prepare your trip, we show how:

Plan – Use Google Maps to plan your road trip route now. The map automatically displays the fastest and most comfortable route – even with multiple stops on the road (Android and iOS).

Ideas – Find the interesting places of the city and the way there. Stopover spontaneously while you’re already on the way, no problem. Gas stations or service areas are easily found.

Share – When traveling with friends, you can share your location and route with Google Maps. So your friends can easily follow your route or locate you.

Offline – If you downloaded maps offline, you can view and navigate them even without an active cellular connection. We recommend that you download them in advance in the active WLAN or mobile connection. So you save the constant search for a “network” and can also keep any costs under control. More information is available here

Popular Places – Using Google Maps, you can easily see how in-demand the place is. Avoid peak hours or learn about popular times. Whatever you want. You can also mark your favorite places on the map and later find them on another computer or device.

Best PlacesGoogle Maps can recommend places in the city based on reviews collected by locals and other visitors. You can also share photos and other information to recommend the best places to other users.

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