Park & fly in berlin

Book Park & Fly in Berlin and Check-in Stress-Free

If you want to park affordably and securely close to Berlin Airport, we are happy to rent our parking space to you. If you want to learn more about Park & Fly in Berlin, feel free to be convinced by the consistently positive reviews from our customers. With us, you pay fair prices for a parking space that allows you to have a particularly relaxed vacation or a peaceful business trip.

You won’t have to worry about your parked car while on the go. When it comes to Park & Fly in Berlin, we are your reliable partner, as your car is in the best hands with us. Additionally, we offer prices that make multi-day parking attractive. Our price remains the same, so you can still park affordably even if you book shortly before.



If you need a parking space for a specific period, simply book it online through our website. This booking only takes a few minutes, and you will soon find out if the desired parking space is still available. We offer our customers a safe and convenient parking space near Berlin Airport. However, you should be quick with your booking because our Park & Fly service in Berlin is always in high demand.

You can make a reservation with just a few clicks by selecting your desired departure and arrival date. We will then inform you if the parking space is still available on your preferred date. Once you have reserved a spot, you can look forward to your flight with complete peace of mind, as parking is no longer a concern.



With our Park & Fly Berlin service, you have a shuttle transfer to the airport included to ensure you arrive comfortably. If something changes at short notice, you can contact us anytime. Your vacation unexpectedly extends, or your business appointment takes longer than expected? In such cases, you can easily extend your parking time with a few clicks. Online booking works, of course, only if we are not fully booked at that time. We’ll take care of everything else if you send us a short email on the respective day.



Driving to the airport in your own car offers many advantages. You don’t have to ask anyone for help getting to the airport and sacrificing their valuable time. However, all of this only works if you plan to leave your car on-site, which can be quite expensive. When you choose our Park & Fly Berlin service, it’s effortlessly possible. We charge fees per calendar day and calculate all associated costs fairly. That’s why the service is affordable for everyone and will definitely be worth it. Unlike on a public parking lot, you don’t have to worry about the integrity of your car with us. We inspect the parking lot and vehicles several times a day. Therefore, you will get your car back in the exact condition you left it with us. Those who park their car in one of our secure parking lots can travel with complete peace of mind.