We are looking for land!

Parktiger has set itself the goal of improving the parking situation in urban areas with the help of the latest technology and innovative concepts – that’s why we are constantly looking for new locations. Undeveloped land and vacant lots can be used temporarily or permanently as parking spaces without taking up space from our environment.


Criteria for a suitable property

  • Minimum duration for the management of the property: 8 months
  • Minimum size of the property: 250 m²
  • A sidewalk crossing must be available
  • Location of the property: in a short-term parking zone or a well-frequented location, ideally with public transport.


Your advantages

  • Attractive additional income from undeveloped vacant lots and land through temporary or permanent interim use prior to development
  • Prevent unauthorized use of your locations by unauthorized persons
  • Preparation of the area and submission of an operating facility permit with corresponding expert opinion (at no cost to the owner; documents are provided to the owner for further use)
  • Ongoing maintenance & control of your property.

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